About Burnham Boilers Company & Products

Hello! Welcome to burnham-boiler.com. This site has information on various types of Burnham boilers, including Burnham High Efficiency Boilers, Burnham Induced Draft Boilers, Burnham Sealed Combustion Boilers, Burnham Chimney Vented Boilers, and Burnham Atmospheric Steam Boilers.

Burnham has been a leading manufacturer of boilers around the world for decades. Located in Lancaster, PA, their full-time engineering department is constantly working to ensure that the boiler installed in your home is the best it can possibly be. After final specs are published, the Burnham foundry in Zanesville, OH uses state of the art machinery and the finest quality materials to assemble your boiler. Burnham quality control keeps an eye on the proceedings from the beginning of the design process to the time the last screw is fastened to your product, ensuring the Burnham team hit no snags along the way. Even after all of this work, a boiler can only leave the Burnham factory once it has passed a rigorous series of quality control tests and inspections.

Burnham High Efficiency Boilers

Burnham offers quite a few styles of boilers, listed below: